1. Become a member and/or a volunteer

If you are an environmentally aware individual and would like to support our cause, we would be more than happy to add you to our team.

To become a member (and thereafter a volunteer, if you so choose) simply e-mail us or call us with your details — Name, Address, Telephone and E-mail — so that we may add them to our database. This information will not be shared with any third party.

After becoming a member, we will keep you informed via e-mail on a regular basis regarding our news and upcoming events, in which you may choose to partake.

2. Buy a tree!

With the purchase of a small tree, you automatically become a member of Plant-a-Tree. We will plant the tree on your behalf and once this has taken place you will receive an e-mail with the details of the planting (this includes details of action, geographic coordinates, photographs, etc).

Small tree €20

For reasons of economy and efficiency, our members' trees will be planted in groups, in accordance with the design of Plant-a-Tree.

To buy a tree, simply choose ONE of the following methods of payment:

  • via
  • via the Internet, by visiting and completing the pre-payment fields offered therein
  • by dialing 801 802 803 804 or 210 32 88 000 and requesting that your payment be processed by a telephone representative, indicating payment information
  • by depositing money into one of the following banks: EUROBANK — ALPHA BANK — PEIRAUS BANK — BANK OF CYPRUS — NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE

Upon completion of the payment process, please send us your information at — please note that we do not receive the form you may be required to fill in while completing the payment online.

3. Give a small olive tree to a friend

Some more information on this will be up soon!

4. Share your ideas with us

Our team at Plant-a-Tree welcomes your views and input

  • For actions we have not thought about
  • For potential planting sites
  • For collaboration with other entities, such as private and public companies, NGOs, unions and/or clubs that would be interested in offering their assistance in any way possible
  • Anything else you would like to tell us...

Share your ideas with us and help in ultimately actualizing our dream of greener urban communities all around Greece!

Please contact us via telephone or send us and e-mail.

5. Celebration bonbonieres

Plant-a-Tree is pioneering ways to turn every-day activities into opportunities for improving the environment.

Specifically, we propose planting trees instead of giving out bonbonieres at weddings, baptisms and similar occasions for celebration. Instead of the bonbonnieres we will provide a certificate informing the guests of this event and, as soon as the tree-planting has occurred (an event in which your guests may partake, should the according circumstances permit it), we will send you an e-mail with all the details of the event and the geographical coordinates of the place via Google Earth.

For further information, please contact us via telephone or send us an e-mail.

6. Plant-a-Tree T-shirt — COMING SOON!

Buy a Plant-a-Tree T-shirt to support our cause!

Our T-shirts cost €20 each and are available in three different sizes (S, M, L) in a female or male fit.

This product is not yet available but stay tuned!


1. Forestation in the mountains of Athens (Mt. Penteli, Mt. Imittos, Perama, mountains in the general region of Attica) and the remaining areas of Greece

Plant-a-Tree has already executed two major projects in cooperation with local authorities, in the areas of Kallitechnoupoli and Kalyvia. Beginning in autumn 2008, we are planning to carry out three more urban forestation projects. To find out more information about this, visit our News and Projects page.

The purpose of this action is to aid in the regeneration of deteriorating ecosystems and areas which have failed to regenerate naturally.

These tree planting operations are founded on environmental studies and finalized after long-term planning. They will range within an area in excess of 5 acres and, along with the local government, will allow for the involvement of various organizations, residents of the wider region, volunteers and other supporters of our cause.

There is also the possibility of executing projects in the regions of Greece outside Attica, depending on the demands and circumstances of each sponsor and provided that corresponding environmental studies exist and local authorities allow for the projects.

These projects will be subsidized by a list of acknowledged sponsors.

For more information, please contact us via telephone or send us an e-mail.

2. Minor operations within the urban area

Plant-a-Tree is already planning to take action! Its first target focuses on improving the urban landscape within the Athens downtown area. Our project is designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To add green spaces to the central city area
  • To select and create suitable and economically feasible sites which do not require extensive construction work in order to be established and which contain an existing irrigation infrastructure
  • To provide possible maintenance for the new accretion of greenery by the local councils on forestry and/or the environment
  • High sense of reward for the sponsors involved

We will be happy to present our ideas and the plans for their implementation, along with evidence of the benefits derived from the potential sponsorship of our intended projects.

For more information, please contact us via telephone or send us an e-mail.

3. The Offsetting of Pollutants

The greenhouse effect is an important factor in the environmental crisis that exists today. The human introduction of carbon dioxide pollutants in the atmosphere for over 150 years from the use of oil, petrol, coal, etc. has greatly altered the composition of the atmosphere. Agriculture, waste incineration, transport, deforestation, energy production and industrial activities are the basis of the problem.

Yet, we need not be members of a great conglomerate in order to make a difference in saving our planet. As individuals and as conscientious citizens of the world, we have the power to offset our carbon footprint in various ways and vastly change the world as we see it today, for the better. Aside from conservation methods, such as making less use of our cars, recycling and conserving electricity, we can follow a more dynamic course of action, like that of tree planting.

As we attempt to reduce our carbon footprint by acting responsibly toward our environment on a daily basis, the addition of trees within the urban environment will also help in reducing air pollution. Trees absorb CO2 and other dangerous gases in their trunk and roots and replenish the atmosphere with oxygen, while their leaves trap and hold gaseous and particle pollutants that are damaging to our lungs.

The purpose of the Plant-a-Tree is a) to inform and update companies and the public on how to reduce their carbon footprint and b) to propose and carry out actions that will promote pollution damage compensation and CO2 offsetting in Greece and abroad.

Please contact us via telephone or send us an e-mail.