17th July TREE PLANTING AND BEACH CLEANING IN LAGONISI - 100th PLANT-A-TREE EVENT! — In cooperation with the myPlanet cleaning products (Rolco Vianil) and thanks to the support of the Municipality of Kayvia we were able to plant 180 tamarisks and clean the beach of Ag. Nikolaos, in Lagonissi. Altogether We collected 15 bags of rubbish and also installed a watering system for the trees. All and all it was a joyous event with an impressive number of participants of all ages either from the beach or volunteers who had driven down specifically for the plantning.
13th May COMPLETION OF THE FIRST WATERING OF ALL OUR TREES — Today we completed the first or second (depending on the area) watering of all our trees that were planted over the last two years. The trees will be watered until September at least, depending on the severity of the heat this year.
1st May FIRST WATERING OF OUR TREES — We have begun watering our most recently planted trees given the 'drought' that exists currently.
23rd April 'PERSONAL GREEN RESPONSBILITY' EVENT — In cooperation with the Danish Institute at Athens and the Embassy of Denmark in Athens we organised the event 'Personal Green Responsbility'. The event included and introduction and conclusion by Mr. Jesper Andersen, Counsellor at the Danish Embassy and keynote adrresses by Mr. Soren Hermansen, Director of the Samsoe Energy Academy and Panos Valambous-Koundouras, Founder of Plant-a-Tree. A most interesting and successful evening.
21 st March TREEPLANTING IN KALLITECHNOUPOLI — Following a campaign run by , enough money was raised to plant 250 trees on Pendeli Mountain today.
14th March 'FOR EVERY CAR SOLD WE PLANT A TREE', WITH SUZUKI - Second Tree Planting — Following November's planting, Suzuki continued their green campaign by drawing in another 400 volunteers to plant an additional ~4,000 trees on Pendeli Mountain, despite the discouraging weather. The remaining 9,000 trees were planted either before or after the event with the help of professional workers, both on the Kallitechnoupoli and the Neos Voutzas sides of the mountain.
7 th March TREEPLANTING IN KOKKINARA — Following their wedding, an environmentally concerned couple gathered their friends and family to plant 200 trees near their home on Pendeli Mountain, in the area of Kokkinara, on the Kifissia side.
3 rd March TREEPLANTING IN KALLITECHNOUPOLI — As a way of giving back to how much Greece has offered them, the students of International Schoold of Dubai raised money through school bazaars to organise a treeplanting on their annual trip to Athens. Thus, on Wednesday 80 students and their teachers climbed Pendeli Mountain and planted about 180 trees. Well done!
28 th February TREEPLANTING IN MARATHONA — Rolco Vianil gave the money raised from the eco-campaigm of their product myPlanet to plant 1,454 olive, pine and cyprus trees, as well as oleandars and laurels. With the help of the Municipality of Marathona and the attendance of a number of volunteers, the Alpine College in Glyfada among them, the trees were planted on Marathonos, Souliou and Ag. Marinis Avenues, and with the MPEI Parking lot.
21 st February TREEPLANTING IN KALLITECHNOUPOLI — We planted 120 trees on Pendeli Mountain with a couple for their newly-baptised child, with the help of their friends and family.
6 th February TREE PLANTING IN NEO VOUTZA — Trying something different, we planted 8 big pine and cyprus trees in a park and a number of residences with the cooperation of the Society 'I Proodos" (Progress) in Neo Voutza.
31 st January TREEPLANTINGS IN KALLITECHNOUPOLI AND IN KALYVIA — Today we completed three treeplantings simultaneously! About 400 trees were planted in Kallitechnoupoli while at the same time we planted 1,000 more trees with Drew Marine, next to the trees they had planted in 2009 in Trampouria, as well as 200 trees with an NGO at the top of the mountain near the Zoodochou Pigis Church. Quite a day!
25 th January PLANTING OF 5m TALL FIR-TREE IN NEO PSYCHIKO — With the assitance of the Municipality of Neo Psychiko we planted the 5m tall fir-tree that we had provided the European Parliament Office in Greece with, in Neo Psychiko behind the National Defence Building.
17 th January FIR-TREEPLANTING IN THE OLYMPIC VILLAGE — Whatever firtrees you returned to us after the holidays we planted with the help and cooperation of the Municipality of Achernes and the Olympic Village in the Olympic Village and other areas of the municipality. We were happy to see that most of you decided to keep or plant your trees in your gardens, as we collected and planted 30 firtrees.
11 th January PLANTING OF 5m TALL FIR-TREE IN KALLITECHNOUPOLI — With the help of the Municipality of Rafina and certain individuals we planted the 5m tall firtree that had stood in the foyer of the Hellenic Postbank at the corner of Maria Kallas and Lavranga Strees.


10th &mdash 24th December LAUNCH OF OUR CHRISTMAS RENT-A-TREE PROGRAMME — For the first time this year we tried out 'renting' fir trees that had especially been dug up with their roots from Chalkidiki, in pots that one could afterwards either keep the tree in, replant in their garden or donate to thei Municipality to be planted in a park. The programme was a huge success and received both much coverage and a truly encouraging response from the public. For more information, please visit
20 th December TREE PLANTING IN KALLITECHNOUPOLI — For our last planting of 2009, with the Company and a number of individuals we planted about 150 trees!
19 th December NEO PSYCHIKO TREE PLANTING PROGRAMME — Today we begun the Tree Planting Programme 2009/2010 that has been agreed with the Municipal Company of Neo Psychiko in order to make Neo Psychiko greener, by planting 70 trees. This Programme will run until November 2010.
15nd November TREEPLANTING IN KALLITECHNOUPOLI — Following another wedding and 3 baptisms this time, we gathered on Pendeli Mountain and planted 260+ trees, alongside the students of Kollegio Psychikou who planted an additional 200+ on their own!
1st November 'FOR EVERY CAR SOLD WE PLANT A TREE', WITH SUZUKI - First Tree Planting — Following last year's green campaign, Suzuki gave the go-ahead this year for a treeplanting unlike any other we have organised with 400 volunteers. Despite the cold and harsh winds we planted an estimated 3,000 trees on their 'adopted' mountain hills on Pendeli Mtn! Plant-a-Tree went on to plant a further 10,000 in the following weeks.
18th October TREEPLANTING IN KALLITECHNOUPOLI — In order to celebrate a wedding and five baptisms, all 120 of us gathered on Pendeli Mtn to plant 300+ trees, eat lots of food and have some tsipouro.. A wonderful Sunday really.
3rd October TREEPLANTING IN KALYVIA — Rather than go to the local fast food joint, two children decided to celebrate their brthday in the fresh air by planting trees with their parents and friends! 140+ trees were planted!
7th &mdash 16th July TREE PLANTINGS IN SITHONIA AND CASSANDREIA in CHALKIDKI — In cooperation with the supermarket giant in Northern Greece MASOUTIS, we completed 6 separate tree planting events on roads, in parks and on the beach in the cooperation with the municipalities listed below: 7/7 Siviri River Bank, Municipality of Cassandra 8/7 Poseidi, Aigeopelagitika Beach, Municipality of Cassandra 11/7 Main Road in Pefkochori, Municipality of Pallini 12/7 Chanioti Park, Municipality of Pallini 15/7 Trani Ammouda Beach, MUnicipality of Sithonia 16/7 Metagitsi Area, Municipality of Sithonia 16/7 Main Road in Marmara, Municipality of N.Marmara.
25th June TREEPLANTING AND BEACH CLEANING in PEFKOCHORI, CHALKIDIKI — In cooperation with strong>Michelin tyres we planted tamarisk and mullberry trees on the Acrotri Beach Area while also conducting a beach cleanup, in continuation with MIchelin 'Let's open the road to a better environment' campaign that began in November 2008. The event took place with the support and assistance of the Municipality of Pallini.
11th June TREE PLANTING ON LAGONISSI BEACH — In cooperation with Garnier by L'oreal, the supermarket giant AB Vassilopoulos and the Municipality of Kalyvia, we planted 100 Tamararisk (or salt ceder) trees on Lagonissi beach, while also cleaning the beach and installing wooden rubbish bins. An automatic watering system was set up for the watering of the trees.
29th &mdash 31st May 1st Environmtal Festival of the Municipality of Neo Psychiko — Plant-a-Tree participated at the festival and supported this noteworthy first effort by planting 50 trees on Kifissias Avn with the help of the Municipality of Neo Psychiko.
22nd March TREEPLANTING IN KALLITECHNOUPOLI — Ending this year's treeplanting season on a high note, 200+ trees were planted on Pendeli Mountain with the help of the Kindergarten classes of the Costea-Geitonas School and the artists of the exhibition "Notes on a Tree", which is organised by the Municipality of Athens.
13th&14th March TREEPLANTING in the PELOPONNESE — Following an educational program about the environment (supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation) that was carried out in a number of schools in Ileia by the NGO ECOWEEK, we planted 440 trees in the area. Of these, 100 were grown trees planted in the local schools (in Zaharo, Kakovatos and Giannitsochori) and 350 were small trees reserved for an old quarry long out of use, opposite the church of St. Sunday, on the road from the village of Arini towards Milea on the mountain of Minthi. The environmental team of the National Technical University participated in the planting as well as the NGO ANIMA - Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife, which - at the beginning of the planting - orchestrated the release a hawk that had been nursed back to health after being found wounded in the region. The Municipality of Zaharo and the Department of Forestry of Olympia were very generous with their help. All and all a great weekend!
8th March TREEPLANTING in KALLITECHNOUPOLI — About 130 trees were planted on Pendeli Mountain with Allseas Marine SA and Brown-Forman.
1st February TREEPLANTING in KALYVIA Attiki Gas Supply Company (Natural Gas) provided the funding for the planting of 500 aleppo pine, cyrprus and carrob trees and spanish brooms in the Kalyvia area, near Anavysso. This was part of a wider effort to plant a tree instead of sending out a Christmas gift.
25th January TREEPLANTING in KALYVIA — We planted 1.000 aleppo pine, cyprus and carrob trees and spanish brooms on Paneio Mtn, in the wider area of Kalyvia near Anavysso. The reforestation was funded by Ashland - Drew Marine Ltd as part of their environmental effort whereby instead of sending Christmas gifts to customers, a tree was planted on their behalf.
18th January TREEPLANTING in KALLITECHNOUPOLI — In collaboration with Aristo Developers Hellas, Epsilon Hellas and Brown-Forman (B-F Greece) we planted 200 pine trees on Pendeli Mtn!


14th December TREEPLANTING in KALLITECHNOUPOLI with BUILDING GREEN — In association with the exhibition organisers we planted 500 trees on Penteli Mtn at Kallitechnoupoli
5-8th December BUILDING GREEN EXHIBITION at HELEXPO in Anthoussa Plant-a-Tree participated in the exhibition!
30th November TREEPLANTING in KALLITECHNOUPOLI — In collaboration with L'oreal and as a result of the initiative shown by two couples, we planted 250 trees on Penteli Mtn!
23rd November Plant-a-Tree supported SKAI's treeplanting project in Kalyvia
16th November TREEPLANTING in CHALKIDIKI (N.Greece) With MICHELIN — In collaboration with Michelin, the first phase of the planting of 2,000 trees was completed, along the main road between the towns of Pefkochori and Polychrono in the Pallini area.
1st November APPEARANCE on the TV SHOW "OXYGEN" — There was a feautre on Plant-a-Tree in this week's episode of the ET-3 show, presented by Kostis Zafeirakis! The filming took place during the Oct. 5 treeplanting on Paneio Mtn.
1st November TREEPLANTING in KALYVIA — We planted 60 trees on Paneion Mtn with the children (age 8-13) from Kinnick Foreign Language Center!
26th October Tree and seed planting projects in Kassandra, in Chalkidiki
5th October Tree planting project of 700 trees in Kalyvia
22nd August Watering in Kallitechnoupoli of the area planted on 16th March
8th July Participation at the conference on "Green Entrepreneurship", organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
23rd April Tree planting project in the park of Aigaleo in cooperation with "To Nistiko Arkoudi" ("The Hungry Bear", a cooking program).
1st April Plant-a-Tree in the April issue of House & Garden magazine
30th March Plant-a-Tree in the April issue of BHMAdonna magazine
16th March Tree planting project in the Kallitechnoupoli area with the support of the European Parliament Office in Greece.
24th February Tree planting project in Kalyvia with the participation of Plant-a-Tree


19th December Plant-a-Tree's Christmas Party and Fundraiser
8th December Speech and Conclusions of the Round Table Discussion
1st December Invitation to a Round Table discussion: "Time to Act: Individual and Corporate Social Responsibility for the Environment"