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Our aims

Plant-a-Tree aims to increase urban green spaces, starting from Attica and, in due course, extending to other areas around Greece &mdash we have already conducted numerous events in Chalkdiki and Ileia. Furthermore, our company strives to raise awareness within the Greek community about the environment, so that companies, unions, people's organizations and individuals will become incited to contribute to the process of making Greece greener for the benefit of our urban communities and the environment at large.

The objective of Plant-a-Tree is as follows: Maximum possible urban forestation in Greece through the:

  • Cooperation between public and private institutions (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Promotion of public awareness and strengthening of our citizens' sense of personal and social responsibility to the environment, thereby advancing active citizenship for its improvement
  • Utilization of citizens' personal initiative to increase the green of their urban community
  • Education of companies and citizens regarding the reduction of their 'carbon footprint' and CO2 offsetting projects

Establishing Plant-a-Tree

Greek citizens often comment on the lack of any kind of substantial urban green spaces within their communities. Indeed, the urban areas of our country are among those with the highest green deficit in all of Europe. Athens and its surrounding regions, where approximately 35% of the country's population resides, contains an estimated 2m2 of green per capita, while cities such as London, Rome and Paris account for more than 9m2 of green per capita.

In May of 2007, Panos Valampous-Kountouras and Constantine Nikitiadis, staunch adherents of the forestry movement and zealous believers in the potential power of ecological awareness and its benefits for Greece and its citizens, undertook to answering the question, "What can I do about this issue?" Plant-a-Tree was established thereafter as a practical and active effort to provide viable answers to this question.